About Us

Tweet Catcher is the ultimate solution to destroying ecommerce sites & online restocks. We provide the tools, guides & assistance ensuring all users cook

  • Designed for everyone

    The most robust and successful restock tool

  • Consistency

    With proven success

  • Professional

    Extensive drop guides & assistance



Packed with features

Tweet Catcher 1.0 truly is designed to perfection

  • Advanced Twitter Monitor

    You can monitor any Twitter account you desire

  • Active Staff

    Our staff are always active, so you can get help 24/7

  • Request Scripts

    We have an advanced script for Metalabs and TL Dashboards. More are coming soon

  • Restock Guides

    No matter the release, we will provide you with the best tips to help increase your chances of copping




What we believe in


Speed is one of our top priorities. We have designed Tweet Catcher to be as efficient as possible.


Our devs are advanced in what they do, and are always adapting to the latest technologies.


We love experimenting with new ideas, giving users many new features in each update


You will find the answers to commonly asked queststions here. If you still need help, please contact us:

What systems does Tweet Catcher Support?

We currently support Windows 10 and MacOS

You can purchase Tweet Catcher during one of our limited restocks via Twitter @TweetCatcherBot or on the second hand market.

Tweet Catcher is €60 Quarterly.